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Social Program

Special Appeal For Community-Minded Volunteers

The Spring Creek POA is always looking for inspired volunteers for its Social Program!  Our goal is to have an outstanding POA Social Program, led entirely by volunteers and supported by Reegan, our new Spring Creek Community Events Coordinator.              


We aim to have the most fun, diverse, and interactive community Social Program.  We believe a volunteer-led Social Program is our best way to achieve this.  We also believe we have many talented and motivated people who share our vision for Spring Creek Mountain Village and would thrive as volunteers.


Social activities are an excellent way to get to know your neighbours, stay active, and feel that you're a part of the community.  We strive to have a minimum of two activities each month, one inside the Opera House and one outdoor activity.

Sample activities include hikes, walks, x-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, golf, CanGolf, paddleboarding, kayaking, pickleball, 'restauranting', condo potlucks, Bridge Club, Book Club, Monthly Mountain Mixer, firepit gatherings ... or pick an activity you'd like to see in our community.  We're always looking for new ideas!  Volunteer commitments can be one-of, occasional, monthly, or whatever time and expertise you're willing to provide.


Our program model aims to match each volunteer with an activity they know & love.  We'll team you up with other volunteers and ensure you have the support you need to make your activity a success.  We will:

  • have a clear Activity Leader, responsible for each activity

  • have Backup Lead Volunteers for each activity, providing support & working as a team

  • have a roster of volunteers available to help with any activity

  • enable you to decide the scope and frequency of your activity

  • ensure you have support to organize activities and communicate to participants


If you're interested in becoming a SCPOA Social Ambassador or Social Program Volunteer, please provide your contact information by completing the form below, indicating what activities interest you, and whether your preferred role is an Activity Leader, Activity Backup Lead, or joining the Volunteer Roster list. Reegan and one of our Social Ambassadors will reach out to you.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with a Social Ambassador and our Community Event Coordinator and start planning a SCPOA group Social Activity today!

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