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Spring Creek Property Owners Association

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

If you own here, you're a member

Taking living to the next level.

A separate entity from your condo corporation, the Spring Creek POA is dedicated to creating a friendly community (where you actually know your neighbours!) that thrives in an exceptionally safe and beautiful space. 

Every home in Spring Creek has a registered encumbrance in favour of the Spring Creek POA, so just by owning here, you're a member!

Click on the link below to download our Informational Brochure and learn more about the Spring Creek Property Owners Association and community:


Our monthly newsletter highlights the upcoming SCPOA events and activities, important notices for owners, promos from local businesses and much more! 

Delivered to your email inbox at the beginning of each month.

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  • How do I become part of the Spring Creek POA?
    If you've purchased a property in Spring Creek, you're already a member! Each title has a registered encumbrance attached to it in favour of the SCPOA, meaning all owners in Spring Creek (including residential, commercial and hotels) are required to pay an annual fee to the SCPOA. If you're a new homeowner, or are in a long term rental in Spring Creek, please email to get yourself added to our email contacts database to receive important updates about your membership. If you are not an owner or long term renter, you are not eligible to be a member of the SCPOA.
  • What are the annual fees? When are they due? Who do I pay? Who do I contact with fee questions?
    In 2024, the fee is $325+GST per unit. Fees are due in January of each year and apply for the full calendar year (January 1 - December 31). PEKA Professional Property Management collects these fees on behalf of the SCPOA. If you have any questions related to your fees, including lawyers looking for information for sales and purchases, please contact
  • How is the SCPOA different than my condo corporation?
    Each building in Spring Creek is its own unique condo corporation that is responsible for taking care of anything related directly to the building and the land immediately surrounding it (for example, landscaping within a certain distance, sidewalks and half of the "Mews" roads that surround the building). The SCPOA is a community association that deals with common lands (for example, parks, pathways, and associated infrastructure) and any issues that impact the community as a whole. The SCPOA supports a group called the All Boards, in which the chairs of each condo corporation are a part. The goal of this group is to allow for all buildings to share and collaborate on common issues.
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Rent a venue

Canmore Opera House
& Community Fire Pit

The Canmore Opera House is the perfect venue for your next family reunion, milestone birthday, corporate retreat, or social gathering.


Nestled between Spring Creek and Policeman's Creek, and set against the spectacular backdrop of the Three Sisters and Rundle Range, the Opera House is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from downtown Canmore.

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